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Some icons i made ages ago. They're pretty crap but oh well.






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hey.. don't diss 'em! they're hottt stuff!

i 'specially like the first 8... riot girl, pain & beauty are the best, i think.

lovely work.

<3 much love

those seriously rock my socks...they kick ass !!!
Thank yooou!
may i use the riot girl one?
Of corse :)


12 years ago

didnt konw where to put this but i made it you =)
hey, you can just make into a normal post zandra. go into our user info and click 'post' at the top of the page, or you can go into your journal, click update, and then at the bottom where it says 'post in' chance it to "sad_ic0ns"
i love 18. will credit.
i love them took soomee i will credit
thanks sara lol =)
I loved the love one, taking if you dont mind?
taking some if you don't mind...
ooh yeah and i'll credit..
taking the hello kitty, will credit when i use it.
I love them. I'm taking a few, will credit, though.
Aw, thank you :)
Great! Love'em all.
wanna take the 16-th and the 20-th.
May I?
wow there alsome hope you don't mind i took a few


wow, your icon is sex.
i took it if you dont mind
it's sad i didn't find these sooner.

took "alone". for now.
aww those are so good!
took pain and fallen angel
lovely work.
took the boys kissing one.
Awesome work..took a couple.
taking #4!
im taking the goth guy and the girl. i dont know what number it is. will credit. is that ok?? btw, your icons are amazing!!
your icons arent showing up on my lj. it says something like it cant load.
you made this one? i really doubt it
Well i did.
So fuck you.


11 years ago

Taking alone, and 'Talking to the other side of death', will credit. [These are all beautiful by the way~]